Learn The Art of Technical Writing

Do you love writing? Are you a people person? Do you like collaborating with people across teams? If your answer is yes for all the above, then Technical Writing is the perfect career for you. It is one of the fastest-growing careers in the SaaS space. And, it could definitely use someone like you. 

Cohort starts on October 17


What is Technical Writing?

Technical writing involves writing and managing support articles, FAQs, creating how-to video,s and coming up with product copies for a SaaS product. Technical writers work closely with the engineering team to create documentation for new features. They also work with customer support to update existing help documentation or create new ones to resolve trending support issues. While the sales and marketing teams strive to bring in new customers, technical writers play a crucial role in customer retention.

Technical Writing as a career

A few reasons for you to consider technical writer as a career. 

4 lakhs

Starting salary for new technical writers.

High demand

for pre-sales executives in the B2B SaaS space.

Growth path

Can pivot to content marketing, product marketing or product roles.


What will I be learning?

You will be a part of a cohort-based course across three consecutive Sundays 

(October 17, 24, and 31, 2021. ~ 2.5 hours each day)

Week 1

  • Introduction to Technical Writing
    • What is Technical Writing?
    • How is it different from other forms of writing?
    • Where does it fit into a user journey?

  • Qualities of a Technical Writer
    • You'll learn the key qualities that we’ve seen in successful Technical Writers.

  • Voice and Tone
    • Tone of Voice helps give your company or product a personality with your words both when spoken about in a demo video or written about in a blog or Technical Documentation.

Week 2

  • User Guides
    • Why user guides are helpful?
    • How to structure a user guide?

  • Solution Articles
    • Defining your users
    • Drafting solution articles
    • Edge cases
    • The importance of style guides

Week 3

  • Product Copy
    • Learn how to approach different types of copy for a SaaS product
    • Call to Action (CTAs)
    • Product text (help text, tooltips, toast messages, etc.)
    • Error messages
    • Email copy

  • Naming features
    • Understand how to name product features and address components within a SaaS app.

  • Creating Visual content
    • Learn how to create GIFs and walkthrough videos for your product. 

About the Instructors

Karthik Pasupathy

Karthik has spent over 7 years in Zoho and Freshworks. He started out as a Technical Writer and slowly moved up to the role of Lead Product Marketer. He is currently working as a Product Marketing Manager in an early-stage startup.

Harish Kumar

Harish has worked as a technical writer at Zoho and Freshworks. After his graduation from the US, he is currently working as a Product Manager for ROI hunter, a marketing platform company based out of the Czech republic.

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