about us

Why did we build NextStop?

The startup world is chaotic. That's the hard truth. But, why are we stating the obvious? 

Because depending on the stage and the kind of startup, the skill sets one needs to thrive in it change.

If you are an early employee in a very young startup, chances are you are the go-to person for content, sales, customer success, product marketing and whatnot! You are the typical 'jack of all trades, master of none', aka a startup generalist.


On the other end, there are the larger startups that are well past the early days, they need people who can help them scale to the next level aka specialists.

But, where can one learn these skills?

Most courses available on the internet are generic. They really don’t take into consideration the ground-level requirements of various sectors/stages of the company.

We aim to solve exactly this problem!

NextStop aims to be the one-stop-shop for all non-technical startup courses.

Experts will bring their hard-earned knowledge in various forms---pre-recorded classes, live cohort-based classes, and even well-structured boot camps.

Why these many delivery modes, you might ask. The truth is, we’ve debated what would work best in such a sector. We spoke to scores of folks and we heard everything from why a high-touch model like cohort classes is the best bet to why recorded classes would be ideal.. because..well, who has the time to attend live classes given the pace of life in startups. So, we said why not give it all and let people choose.

And we don’t just want to offer courses, we have a lot more in store, but as they say--one step at a time.

Here’s to learning startup skills, the right way! 

Our Team

We have an expert panel to offer us unique insights and perspectives on courses and on the SaaS landscape.

Karthik Pasupathy

Co-founder, NextStop

Ex-Zoho/Freshworks. Currently working as Product Marketing Manager at an early-stage startup.

Vignesh Jeyaraman

Co-founder, NextStop

Ex-Economic Times Journalist. Ex-Freshworks. Heads content marketing for a logistics startup.

Harish Nagarajan


Ex-Zoho/Freshworks. Working as a Product Manager for an online marketing platform in Europe.

Aishwarya Ashok


Building products @ Zoho. Co-founded The Prodcast. Creating impact at LonePack. Interested in all things product.

Sanjeev NC


Ex-Freshworks. Award-winning pre-sales engineering. Currently working as a Product Manager at an early-stage startup. 


60+ Happy NextStoppers So Far

We have taught an amazing group of people who took their first step in building a career in SaaS by choosing NextStop. 

"SaaS 101 is one of the foundational courses that should be part of any college curriculum in the next few years. The content is simple and understandable and the trainers' expertise made it more interesting and satisfying."


Project Manager, UK

"Really loved the SaaS 101 course by Karthik from NextStop. Especially the way he narrates and explains things gives you a complete 360 view of the SaaS world. Would recommend it to anyone who wants to start a career in SaaS."



"SaaS 101 is well structured and all the concepts were explained with real examples by people who had been there and done that! If you are on the lookout to get your SaaS basics right, I would highly recommend this course."


Sr. Consultant