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Why we created NextStop

The job world is changing. New sectors are cropping up with unique requirements while the jobs in the existing sectors are undergoing a sea change.

In fact, both technical and non-technical jobs of the near and far future will not be the same and the boundaries between these ‘distinct’ jobs will soon start blurring.

But, the sad truth is that current aspirants are not equipped to handle the ever-evolving requirements of these jobs.

If not being ‘job ready’ is every aspirant’s roadblock, finding the right talent is every brand’s most significant need. It is an arduous task to find the right candidates for a plethora of roles. This talent crunch is real.

NextStop aims to be the platform that bridges these needs.

Our first target is Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) because we live and breathe that world. We will be providing the best real-world courses designed by industry experts for candidates and the best candidates for brands.

How are we different

  • Future-Proof courses

    Our courses take into account the changing trends and requirements of jobs, making our candidates industry-ready

  • Hybrid Learning Model

    NextStop will have a blend of live cohort-based classes and self-paced courses.

  • Community

    Interact, learn, and network with fellow students/experts and make friends for life.

  • Expert instructors

    Courses are created by experts who have been there and done that

  • Certification

    The certificates will carry the signatures of industry practitioners

What NextStoppers are saying

  • SaaS 101 is one of the foundational courses that should be part of any college curriculum in the next few years. The content is simple and understandable and the trainers' expertise made it more interesting and satisfying.

    Gopal, Project Manager
  • Really loved the SaaS 101 course by Karthik from NextStop. Especially the way he narrates and explains things gives you a complete 360 view of the SaaS world. Would recommend it to anyone who wants to start a career in SaaS.

    Karthi, Designer
  • Over the past two Sundays, I got to attend 'SaaS 101 Cohort' by NextStop taught by Karthik Pasupathy. Got to learn quite a bit about SaaS as an industry - the course was well structured and all the concepts were explained with real examples by people who had been there and done that! If you are on the lookout to get your SaaS basics right, I would highly recommend this course.

    Venkatesh, Sr. Consultant
  • Would recommend NextStops's SaaS 101 sessions for anyone who is new to SaaS or aspiring to get into SaaS. The content is very structured and detailed. 

    Ramkumar, Product Management

Our Courses

Our courses have been created by experts who've been there and done that

SaaS 101

Are you a student or a professional looking to build a career in SaaS? Look no further! SaaS 101 is the perfect course for you to dip your toes in SaaS.

Become a Pre-Sales Executive

 Pre-Sales is amongst the most sought-after jobs in the SaaS space. Join our course to learn the tricks of the trade from Sanjeev NC, who has trained pre-sales executives across India's leading SaaS firms.  

Technical Writing for SaaS

Software products are ruling the world and technical writing is in the thick of the action. Technical writers work at the intersection of marketing, customer success, and product.  

Our Team

We have industry experts who offer us insights and perspectives on courses and on the SaaS landscape.

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    Karthik Pasupathy

    Ex-Zoho/Freshworks. Currently working as Product Marketing Manager at an early-stage startup.

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    Vignesh Jeyaraman

    Ex-Economic Times Journalist. Ex-Freshworks. Heads content marketing for a logistics startup.

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    Harish Nagarajan

    Ex-Zoho/Freshworks. Working as a Product Manager for an online marketing platform in Europe.

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